Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thank You for Not Smoking




"Me, I don't smoke.  Smoking can be a beautiful gesture for a picture. But it's easy - it's too easy - to make a beautiful picture with a beautiful girl smoking a cigarette. And what is the picture saying, when you have a beautiful girl and she has a beautiful outfit and a beautiful handbag, and a cigarette? No. We have to find a new gesture, I think. Because smoking it is not good for you. Or for your teeth."
-Carine Roitfeld, Editor, French Vogue

Carine is so right. Even though I have said before that I think smoking looks oh-so-cool in fashion shoots and that I wish a strawberry, non-lethal cigarette was invented for this very purpose, health must come first. Sure, you may look cool and untouchable, but you're also killing yourself. I recently had a couple of friends give up smoking, who are now distracting themselves by going on long walks. Keep it up, you have my full support!


Sassy! said...

I wish there was a 'like' button for your post :-)

Ellen said...

Aaaw, thank you!