Friday, July 31, 2009

On Writing Well

"Writing is hard work. A clear sentence is no accident. Very few sentences come out right the first time, or even the third time. Remember that as a consolation in times of despair: if you find that writing is hard, it's because it is hard. It's one of the toughest things people can do."
- William Zinsser: On Writing Well

Emma Watson in Teen Vogue


ppsl-07-emma0906 ppsl-04-emma0906


Source: Teen Vogue

Thursday, July 30, 2009

We are Geelong...

I am no stranger to football. Growing up in the Waikato (central North Island, for all of you out-of-New-Zealanders) I often went to a rugby game with my grandfather. One year my mum went to travel around Europe for a month while I stayed at my grandparents, which she says was the turning point. I think I was about 8 then. When she came back I was a complete rugby-head. I loved it, I would put on my red, yellow and black striped rugby jersey, yellow leggings and co-ordinate my hair ties with my beloved team's colours. At the game I would sit with my grandfather, and he would explain the rules to me, pointing out noteworthy players. I remember those times with him fondly. 

I moved to Wellington when I was eleven and, without the influence of my grandfather, my interest in rugby waned while I explored my new-found love of music. 

I have avoided all football-related things for about 9 years now, but here in Geelong, it is hard to ignore. Though it's a different kind of football, it's pretty much the same. Don't let the other team get the ball, and kick the ball between some posts at the end of the field to score points. The city is painted blue and white as each person pledges their allegiance to the Geelong Cats. AFL news makes it onto the front page of the local newspaper 4 days a week. Yeah, I get it, you like AFL. Whatever. My housemates are big supporters of the Cats, and the football often finds its way onto our television. Most of the time I hide in my room, spending my time doing more important things, like, um, blogging.

This past Saturday I went to my first AFL game since I moved to Australia. You know, getting involved with the local culture and all of that. As a Deakin University student and a resident of Geelong, it's pretty much a rite of passage. 

Before the game I painted my nails blue, bought a Cats scarf and had blue whiskers painted onto my cheeks. I had some hot chips, but the beer was too expensive. We were seated 3 rows from the field and as the game started I wondered how people could be so passionate about a ball being thrown around a field that they had to jump up and down excitedly every five minutes. I had three long hours ahead of me...


Geelong was playing a terrible game; fumbling with the ball, kicking to no one in particular and missing goals they shouldn't have. By the end of the third quarter we were down 25 points (hmmm, notice how I said 'we' there? Yeah, odd...) and I had given up on us winning. After they came back from quarter-time, Geelong's game improved and 5 minutes before full-time the teams were even. Now I was jumping up and down along with everyone else, yelling at the players to run faster, jump higher and kick the ball like I told them to! 

When there was thirty seconds left in the game, Geelong caught the ball in their side, meaning they got a chance to kick the ball between the posts and potentially break the tie. All of the Geelong supporters were ecstatic, it looked like we were going to win! The crowd fell silent when the ball was kicked into the air, the final siren rang (which I always thought was a Hollywood cliche) and when it sailed between the posts, the stadium was a sea of blue as Geelong celebrated their victory over the Hawthorn Hawks. We won by one point. Here's me, and a whole lot of team spirit:


I also discovered on Saturday that fur coats are the best for going to a football game in. So warm, plus it kind of added to the whole cats thing too.

Enchanting Hawaii


EnchantingHawaiiAnnaSeleznevaVogueC 89275_vc22_123_520lo

Photo credit: LoveMore


Monday, July 27, 2009

Just a minute... July


Watching... Flight of the Conchords. Mondays on SBS at 9pm. 
Reading... Dracula by Bram Stoker for English Lit. I'm not usually one to get emotionally involved with novels, but this one is seriously freaking me out. A couple of times when I have been reading in bed late at night I have had to put the book down because I got too scared! Haha. It is very well written.
Listening... to Edith Piaf. She makes a really good study buddy.
Missing... Wellington house parties. I have many fond memories of rugging up against the chilly Wellington weather, going to house parties and warming up with dancing, laughter and drinking.
Wanting... to go to the Mountains. I've never been to the snow before, can you believe it? The MTV Snow Jam is this Thursday at Falls Creek, where Cut Copy are DJing for free. If only I could go!
Hoping... to find a part-time job at either a music store or fashion boutique. 

Saturday, July 25, 2009

(Oh) Nine Summertime

I'm pleased to find that Melbourne winters aren't too unbearable, in fact, it feels like it's almost over. The days are getting longer and just a tad warmer. Summer holidays are just around the corner (by which I mean 3 months away), and what better way to spend them than relaxing in a sunlit field with good reading material and good company?









Friday, July 24, 2009

Chloe Sevigny for Opening ceremony F/W 09


"Girls who are boys, who like boys to be girls..."
I always envy the girls who can pull off the androgynous look. It's all about the nonchalance. Whereas they are oversized shirts, skinny jeans and do-not-mess-with-me, I'm florals, accentuated waists and a red lipstick'd smile. Chloe Sevigny's second collaboration with NYC boutique Opening Ceremony is an androgynous collection I can definitely see myself wearing. 


Listing skinheads, Connecticut and her interest in alternative British youth as inspiration for the Fall/Winter range, Sevigny says that designing is a nice release after working on film and television, telling Dazed Digital "I don’t wanna say it’s a vanity project but it kind of is y’know! It’s just something for me to do that’s creative and fun. I get to make pieces I always wanted to wear." 

The range is designed as a menswear collection which can also be worn by women, with key pieces including a leopard print cardigan, slim moleskin trousers, a soft pink flannel shirt and oversized jackets.

As with the first collection, the shoes have been creating a feeding frenzy as women around the world scramble to get their hands on a pair on the much-coveted buckle wedges. The platform wedges (as worn by Sevigny and Lissy Trullie in the top picture), which come in black leather or suede, sold out in the May pre-sale. I absolutely would have bought a pair if they had been, you know, roughly USD$500 less than their retail price of USD$625. For now I will just admire from afar. Or wait until Topshop has the knockoffs.

Here are some behind the scenes photos of Chloe Sevigny modelling the latest collection, which were taken in Chelsea last week.

chloe2(1) chloe4(1)
chloe3(1) chloe5(1)
Photo Credit: Opening Ceremony

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ghost Colours July 23

- Knightcat interviews the designers behind Australian label Maurie and Eve.


- Real Groove has a review of last night's MGMT gig in Auckland. It's a little disheartening. The support act Surf City are in a bit of trouble for putting their door names on trademe. MGMT are apparently featuring on Jay-Z's next album.

-A new
street style photographer to fall in love with.

-Auckland store
Children of Vision proves that the art of visual merchandising is not lost. They're having a(n up to) 50% off sale at the moment too!

StreetStyle32 (1 of 1)

- Photos of Lotta Volkova were all over the fashion blogs during Paris fashion week, here is her 2009 womenswear collection (I dare you to pick one favourite piece!)

-Modular has announced two national tours happening in the next couple of months: one for Tame Impala, the other to celebrate the launch of the new Leave Them All Behind compilation. 


-An interview with Van She on Asian Dan with an exclusive minimix by Van She Tech.

-Alexi Wasser's blog IMBOYCRAZY never fails to make me laugh. Her blog, which is described as 'A pep talk in the form of a slap in the face in the form of a blog' offers a lot of (outrageous, shameless and oh-so-true) advice including: "Start referring to everything you do as a meeting. lunch with a friend: meeting. Starbucks with mom: meeting. asking the produce guy at the market about apples: meeting. it just makes you sound super cool awesome important all in one!"


Russh has a behind the scenes video with Emma Watson in the new Burberry campaign.

-Bfm's From the Bleachers is "A regular weekly podcast featuring Troy Ferguson, Duncan Greive and Charlotte Ryan talking about a music related issue on Charlotte's Morning Glory show on 95bFM, Wednesdays from 11.30am." Back to its original line up again, this week they discuss New Zealand's national anthem. Download the previous podcasts here.


-Alexa Chung
interviews Daniel Radcliffe.

-Cory Kennedy goes 
behind the scenes on Jalouse's beautiful (fake) wedding photoshoot with Mark Ronson and Josephine De La Baume.

-Wellington designer Alexandra Owen has been invited to sow at New York fashion week. Articles in the New Zealand Herald and on Front Row Diary.

-The new trailer for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is out. I can't wait to see the film! I think it will be a must-see in Imax 3D.

-Polyester Records has a new online store.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Constance Jablonski 002
Constance Jablonski in V Magazine

In Ghost Colours was always going to be a blog with more words than pictures. It hasn't been that way lately. I feel like I haven't had anything vaguely interesting to say, so I've been filling those awkward silences with pictures instead, hoping you wouldn't notice my wordlessness. 

But this has gone on long enough! I have a few tricks up my sleeve which I will reveal in good time. Interviews, reviews, columns, guest bloggers... it's all in the works. Patience, grasshopper.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hello Kitty


hannah1 hannah2

hannah3 hannah4
Fashion Quarterly Winter 09 - 'Hello Kitty'

I love everything about this shoot.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Birthday Letters


Me and poetry have never been friends. It'd be all "Fancy words, triple entendre and incomplete sentences!" and I'd be like "No! Speak English you fool, I can't understand a word you're saying!"

Then I discovered Ted Hughes. His writing makes me swoon. I am envious of his ability to find the perfect phrase, expressing what he means with the fewest of words. 

Birthday Letters was published the year that he died and explores his relationship with Sylvia Plath. Here is one of my favourites from the book.

Who will remember your fingers?
Their winged life? They flew
With the light in your look.
At the piano, stomping out hits from the forties,
They performed an incidental clowning
Routine of their own, deadpan puppets.
You were only concerned to get them to the keys.
But as you talked, as your eyes signalled
The strobes of your elation,
They flared, flicked balletic acrobatics.
I thought of birds in some tropical sexual
Play of display, leaping and somersaulting,
Doing strange things in the air, and dropping to the dust.
Those dangers of your excess!
With such deft, practical touches - so accurate.
Thinking their own thoughts caressed like lightning
The lipstick into your mouth corners.

Trim conductors of your expertise,
Cavorting at your typewriter,
Possessed by infant spirit, puckish,
Who, whatever they did, danced or mimed it
In weightless largesse of espressivo.

I remember your fingers. And your daughter's
Fingers remember your fingers
In everything they do.
Her fingers obey and honour your fingers,
The lares and Penates of our house.

Moon & Moon

Bat for Lashes performing at this year's Glastonbury.
More gorgeous photos from the festival can be found here