Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Making Moves and Starting Grooves: 4 reasons why I love OMC's 'How Bizarre'

1. This song reminds of good times in the '90s: hot summer nights in the Coromandel, scrunchies and fluro bike shorts. Ooohh yeeaaah. 
2. The saxophone and the accordion (is it an accordion?). Who knew these two instruments would work so well in a pop song?? Who knew?!
3. I think this video is where hip-hop videos today take their inspiration from: sweet ride, hot babes, throwin' money around like it's no one's business. And his suits! Big collars, a couple of buttons undone... the cravat is a nice touch too. 
4. OMC are soooo insightful. Life is bizarre. It is in my face every time I look around. I can totally relate to the bit where it says: "Pele speaks 'Righteous' , Sister Zina says 'Funky'". I also like the bit where they won't tell you how it ends, instead you have to "...buy the rights".

Just on a side note, apparently the band reformed in 2007 and released a song called '4 All of Us'. I didn't hear it, did you?

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