Monday, September 28, 2009

too erotic for the bus!

L-R: Sean, Ash, Eammon, Ellen. Photo by Liam.

This is my favourite photo from last summer, taken at Camp A Low Hum. It reminds me of beers in the sun, watching good music with good friends, warm summer breezes and mid-afternoon naps (a.k.a. The Power Nap) under a tree. You can tell it's summer because my legs have some semblance of a tan (my face doesn't because I always put sunblock on my face, though my nose is a bit pink in this photo). When the polaroid developed, we realised how much it looks like a band photo. Thus, too erotic for the bus! was born. I can't remember who came up with the name, but I have a sneaking suspicion it was Eammon.

Though I've learnt a bunch of instruments throughout the years, I can't play anything more than 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' on any of them. I can't sing for peanuts either, so I think I was given tambourine duties. The other three are all talented musicians in their own right, and they clearly have more experience with band photos than I do. I look like a loon, grinning away in the corner there. They've got the 'cool' thing down better than I do. Each of them have a couple of musical projects on the go, and they're all so lovely and modest about it you wouldn't really know it unless you happened to stumble across one of their gigs.

Sean and Eammon (along with another one of our friends, Chris) join forces to make sweet music in Seth & Merle (download here), Sean's solo project is Seth Frightening, Eammon also plays under the moniker Basketball Nightmare (download here) and Ash plays bass for Over the Atlantic (easily one of my favourite bands to come out of NZ these last few years) as well as creating music as Secret Knives (download here).

As I understand it, Ash has only played a couple of gigs (the first of which was at Rhythm and Vines last year) because he's so shy about it. There's a funny story that I've heard about Ash, I'm not sure exactly how accurate it is, since I wasn't actually there and this might be a case of Chinese Whispers, but apparently at a party his friends put on a Secret Knives song, which Ash didn't recognise at first and said something along the lines of "Is this Interpol? I like it." and it was only when he heard his own voice coming through the speakers that he realised his mistake. I wouldn't really say that Secret Knives sounds like Interpol, but I can maybe hear some elements of them in there, in some of the guitar parts.

Every time I see Sean, Eammon and Ash I bug them to come play a gig in Melbourne. Maybe if I nag them enough it'll happen.

One song I can see myself trashing this summer is 'The Community Service Announcement' by Jonathan Boulet, Modular's latest signing. You can download the song here. I'd heard the song a lot on Triple J, but it was only when Modular announced the new signing that I was able to figure out who the song was by. I love the whimsical feeling of it. There's something about the song that reminds me of all those wonderful things about summer that I mentioned at the top of this post. Do you have any songs that you like to listen to because they remind you of summer?

A friend and I are doing the graveyard shift on Melbourne's SYN, the place where I did the radio course last month. We're doing it on Thursday 8 October 2-6am. I'll be playing a lot of the music I have mentioned on this here blog, including Jonathan Boulet, and some other sweet tunes that I'm loving at the moment. I have no idea how we're going to stay awake, any tips?


susie said...

OH man I am so going to listen to your show =p

tips for staying up.. have a nap early in the afternoon if possible.. take lots of snacks & have heaps of coffee or energy drinks. or just run on adrenaline and excitement!!

also, this band that I am (sorta) friends with have been asked to play at Camp a Low Hum next year! I so want to go for it cos I am missing out on all the Australian New Year Festivals =[

anyhoo good luck for the show!

also can't believe that it's daylight savings this weekend.. really??

Ellen said...

Haha, I dunno... we might not be so good. It is our first time.
Oh fantastic, you absolutely should, who's the band? Maybe I will know of them.
Yes really, summer's nearly here!

susie said...

the band is the Parking Lot Experiments. They have been playing heaps of shows around Melbourne lately & they're one of my fave live bands everrrr!

ohhh and re: parklife & Metric, good songs would include Grow Up and Blow Away, Dead Disco & there's this relatively awesome mstrkrft remix of their song Monster Hospital which if you like dance music I guess you should listen to!! I really wanted to go see their sideshow but I'm going to NSW on Thurs =[

hehe parklife will be grreat.. Jealous lovers is my favourite Rapture song too!!

Ellen said...

Oh, I think I've seen them, did they play at Pony a few weekends back?
Awesome thanks, I'll go find some Metric now.
That's lame you can't go, I'll hopefully find time next week to do a post-Parklife write-up.

Ellen said...

I DO know Monster Children! But I didn't know the MSTRKRFT remix, so thanks for letting me know about it. I really like it. Hopefully he'll play it in his set too.

Ellen said...

I think it's awesome how a lot of the acts on the Parklife lineup have done remixes of each other's songs.