Saturday, September 26, 2009

I wish I had red hair...


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bee. said...

I wish i had red hair too. I always stare on red-hair people passing by me - i just cant help it. Maybe its becouse there is just few of them being naturaly red around. And if its man ----- oh gosh, its my death .... hehe

Ellen said...

I stare too, probably because they're always gorgeous. You like red-haired boys too? Awesome, I thought I was the only one.

bee. said...

C'moon, how could you be the only one ? They have to amaze everybody hehe...and the people who cant see that beauty are fools.
And whats really killing me is a red-haired boy with FRECKLES! i've met one freckled all over his body, i've never seen such gorgeous man haha..

aaron said...

thank you for appreciating us red heads

Anonymous said...

thx ur so nice im a redhead w/ freckles ( im a girl though)i wish i didn't have so many though!