Sunday, October 11, 2009

Goodbye Melbourne

Photo taken yesterday in Rye, about 2 hours out of Melbourne on the Mornington Penninsula. Look at that blue sky! Note it was warm enough to go without stockings, but not sleeveless.

This weekend is my last weekend in Australia for a while, I'm heading back to my hometown of Wellington, NZ to save some money for next year. I'll be back in Melbourne in January, in time to catch the last of the summer sun and hopefully find a flat and a job before uni starts again.
I will miss Melbourne a lot, I freakin' love this city.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009



My friend Emily and I are doing the graveyard shift on Melbourne's SYN radio station tomorrow night, you should tune in! We're on from 2-6am so you can listen in (if you're in the Melbourne region) on 90.7 fm or you can stream it online on SYN's website.

We'll be playing a bunch of our favourite tunes; some new ones, some old ones and generally just having a really good time and hopefully you'll like the music we play too, or maybe discover some new music to fall in love with? I must warn you though, this is our first time doing it so we may be a bit rubbish, but hey, who's really going to be listening other than insomniacs? If you're listening while we're on air, give us a call.

P.S. How fantastic is The Boat that Rocked? It's one of my favourite films to be released this year.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Parklife by the Numbers


So my first Parklife festival is over. I'd love to go again but right now I'm content on recovering from yesterday. I have a thumping headache and my neck and my knees are sore from dancing for 10 hours straight. But I'm not complaining, the whole experience was well worth the $120, so essentially I paid 12 dollars for each hour I was there. $12 to see the Rapture? Bargain. The weather was perfect and I miraculously managed to avoid getting sunburnt. I loved that everyone was in such a good mood, it was a whole day of good vibes and friendly people. I always had room to dance and I never really felt annoyed at anyone for being a douchebag, as always tends to happen at Big Day Out.


Here are some of the things I saw yesterday, by the numbers:

1 x sniffer dog who went straight up to a group of guys who were waiting outside the venue. They had to empty their pockets.


4 x people who were watching Knightlife's set when I arrived at 12.20. They were security guards. It sucks to play first. He played a good set though, it definitely would have been better suited to later in the day.
300 x People who somehow managed to either break down a barrier or jump the fence at the same time and came stampeding through the festival, trying to immerse themselves in the crowd.
1 x Security guard who was chasing after the fence-jumpers.
Countless x people who were escorted from Parklife for not having a wristband. Throughout the day I saw people sprinting away from security guards who had asked to see wristbands.
2 x DJs I heard who played Pon de Floor. Is it this year's Day N Nite?
3 x people wearing Indian headdresses
1 x Drag queen spotted side-of-stage at Mink Engine.

Mimes onstage at Art vs. Science

2 x People from the audience dressed as mimes invited onstage to dance with Art vs Science when they played Parlez-vous Francais? I'm not a fan of their music, but the whole crowd was loving it and the mimes were great at getting the crowd hyped up.
1 x proposition to lick a guy's nipple.
1 x Girl who had a fantastic haircut, she had white blonde hair and it was shaved on one side and was a bob on the other, with the hair length getting longer as it got closer to the front of her face, so the front strands of her hair came down to just past her shoulders. The tips looked like they had been dipped in dye. She had the attitude to pull it off too, as only her and Kate Lanphear could.


3 x Bang Gang Deejays watching Joakim's killer mid-afternoon set.
4 x Cut Copy t shirts.
0 x Cut Copy remixes played.

Busy P: so French, so cool.

3 x remixes of Yeah Yeah Yeah's Heads Will Roll were played by various DJs: Purple Sneaker DJs, MSTRKRFT and one other I've forgotten. Busy P also played a remix of Zero in his set.


5 x New friends made after their lovely comments about my new Docs.
1 million x undercuts, on both males and females.
1 x Girl wearing a Christopher Kane gorilla t shirt.

The lighting at Crystal Castles was really good, Alice Glass came onstage carrying a strobe light.

0 x Lyrics I could hear at Crystal Castles, even though I was quite close to the front. It was hard to distinguish the vocoder from the synth. Only the occasional screech. If someone had told me she was just mewing into the microphone, I would have believed it. I really had no idea what she was saying. But Alice Glass has a crazy amount of energy, her performance made up for it. I don't know how she does it night after night, it looks so exhausting throwing herself around for a 45-minute set.

Alice Glass enters the Matrix/just about to jump into the audience.

1 x Full moon, which came out just as Empire of the Sun were starting, it was rather fitting. A bit cult-ish too, with the synchronised dancers on stage.
5 x Girls wearing fur coats or vests. Really? Yesterday was boiling hot!
0 x Fireworks I could see just before the Rapture started their set. I was right up the front and the fireworks were being let off by the river, behind the stage.

The Rapture

2 x Crowd surfs by the singer of the Rapture
1 x Ending the night with the Rapture's No Sex for Ben. Soooo good.
1 x dusty pair of Docs from dancing up a (dust) storm.

How was your Parklife? Any numbers of your own you want to add?