Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Parklife 09

The lineup for Parklife is for me (the girl who is crazy about dance music) one of the best I have ever seen. It's so good, that I knew there would be some clashes and I would have to pick favourites. My only non-negotiable is seeing the Rapture. It was their song House of Jealous Lovers that lured me into dance music in the first place. It's also because of that song that I have such a fondness for the cowbell.


12pm: Knightlife
Song I need to hear: Crusader and one or two of their Cut Copy remixes
3.30: Joakim
Songs I need to hear: His remixes of Metronomy, Cut Copy, Royskopp and Simian Mobile Disco...
3.45: Shazam
Song I need to hear: His remix of Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders
3.50: The Cool Kids
Song I need to hear: Gold and a Pager
4pm: Busy P
Song I need to hear: Nothing specific, he was great at Rhythm and Vines so I expect he will be again. Any Ed Banger tunes would be good.
4.40: Lady Sovereign
Song I need to hear: Love Me or Hate Me, of course.
4.45: Junior Boys
Songs I need to hear: Work on You, Street Justice and just about all of his remixes.
5.30: Aeroplane (DJ Set)
Song I need to hear: His remix of Paris by the Friendly Fires featuring Au Revoir Simone. And his Hearts on Fire remix. (So many people on the Parklife lineup have done a Cut Copy remix, I suppose hearing all the remixes will almost make up for the lack of live Cut Copy on Saturday)
6pm: Metronomy
Songs I need to hear: Radio Ladio, Heartbreaker.
6pm: La Roux
Songs I need to hear: Bulletproof, Colourless Colour.
6.30: Crystal Castles
Songs I need to hear: Crimewave, Vanished, Alice Practice.
6.45: Yacht Club DJs
Songs I need to hear: I've seen them a few times since I moved here and they're always lots of fun.
7.15: Erol Alkan
Songs I need to hear: His remixes of Diplo, Justice, Franz Ferdinand, Digitalism, Bloc Party...
7.30: Metric
Songs I need to hear: I dunno, apparently they're good and I'm so out of the loop for not having heard them before?
8pm: Empire of the Sun
Songs I need to hear: Standing on the Shore, Walking on a Dream, We are the People, Half Mast. The rest of the album is rubbish.
8.30: Tiga
Songs I need to hear: Pretty much everything on his album 'Ciao!'
9pm: The Rapture
Songs I need to hear: House of Jealous Lovers, Whoo! Alright, Yeah... Uh Huh

So, yes, timetable dilemmas. But I've learnt to not plan out your day too thoroughly otherwise you worry too much about what you're missing out on, rather than enjoying the day and the music that you do get a chance to see.

For now all I am hoping for is that the weather stays this good for the rest of the week and I can get all of my assignments in before then so I can enjoy the day guilt-free! I'm so looking forward to dancing all day.

Have you seen any of these acts before? Are there any you think that I absolutely must go see? Others that are lame and not worth my time? Did you go to the Perth or Brisbane Parklife this past weekend?


Sassy! said...

1. Take back your comment about the rest of the Empire of the Sun album - FACT: It is ALL Brilliant! :-)

2. You are a little off for not knowing Metric..They are super. Grow Up and Blow away. And you 'should' know 'Help! I'm alive' (acoustic version is the bombdiggity!)

3. I love the Rapture's album 'Pieces of the People we Love', and not sure if they gave it justice at their Good Vibes show a few years back..fingers crossed for this year! 'Got to get myself into it' and 'First Gear' will rock!


5. Erol Akon - 'I don't feel like dancing' (Scissor Sisters' remix) and 'Boy from School' (Hot Chip remix). :-)

6. Harris Robbotis 1pm :-)

7. MAJOR CLASSSSSSSSSSH - Metric and Empire..WHY DO THAT..Metric should have been earlier in the day!!




11. EMPIRE OF THE SUN!! Electro Psychedelic Pop!! :-)

Ellen said...

Haha, yeah I am interested to see all of the theatrics EotS will no doubt have in their show.
I will hunt down some Metric now.

Ellen said...

I realised that I do actually know Help! I'm alive. Cool.

hrose said...

I've seen La Roux and let me tell you, don't miss that... they're great live, she has such an infectious energy. everyone was just going crazy at the end of the set. I'm really annoyed i missed out on tickets to parklife, because i really love the lineup - the rapture, tiga, crystal castles... love love love.

and i even think that lady sovereign is good fun! hope you have the best time (you will, of course!)