Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Style Snaps

streetstyle816 streetstyle837

Spot_0 Julia_1



Photo Credits: The Sartorialist, Vanessa Jackman, Turned Out and various sources

News from Cut Copy HQ


Guten Tag,

We hope this message finds you all well.

Dan spent the majority of 2009 re-creating the Blade Runner soundtrack on his recently acquired CS-80 synthesizer. Note for note, arpeggio for arpeggio. Hopefully his interpretation of Vangelis's masterpiece will eventually see the light of day. He has also been busy re-establishing the Cutters Records empire by releasing records and hosting parties, and occasionally rocking a fine Grizzly Adams beard.

Tim is still firmly stuck in the 90's. He interviewed seminal guitar band Pavement for Russh magazine and he recently procured an original piece of Daniel Johnston artwork. It now hangs above his bed.

Mitchell has been spending his days establishing a tennis league for the indie rock community of Melbourne. They even have special t-shirts with their name embroidered on them. He tells me his serve is his biggest asset. Feel free to contact him directly for membership.

Collectively however we have been camped out in a warehouse on the outskirts of Melbourne, finishing writing and recording for album number 3. More on that very soon.


We'll also be leaving Australia to join you for your respective summers playing a handful of festival and club dates, previewing material from the forthcoming record, as well as rocking some old favorites (btw - "veteran act????!! - wtf).

Still chasing that perfect wave,

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ghost Colours February 27

I haven't had any time to blog this week, but here are some links I hope you will enjoy (with some pretty pictures in between) to make up for it.


-Photographer Paul Barbera took some photos of Melbourne label Alpha 60's workroom. Their Accordion Scarf is one of my favourite items that I own.

Slutever covers London Fashion Week: "At fashion week everyone is so avant garde and over-it that you can literally stand outside an elite party with your shirt over your head and the words “LFW” and “LOLZ” written across your tits, and still no one will notice you."

Picture 2-1
-The World Cinema Showcase film festival is on in New Zealand from March, I'm super keen to see Tom Ford's A Single Man. It stars Colin Firth and Julianne Moore and Tony from Skins. The cinematography looks beautiful, as you can see from the screencap above.

-Hobo Gestapo's Carlito took photos at The Gossip's Enmore gig.

-10,000 Melbournians marched down Swanston street to support their local music scene. Mess + Noise wrote about it

-Buck is a new website/blog which covers men's style and culture. I love their layout!


-Charlotte from bFM's Morning Glory interviewed Jack White recently. Apparently he was very charming. Download the podcast of the interview here.

-Australian model Jess Hart's blog is full of beautiful photographs taken on her travels. I particularly liked the photos from an Old Tram Yard.


-I went to the taping of Media7 and the Ad Show this week, where I was asked to try the Yellow Chocolate on camera. Watch me feeling really uncomfortable and eating the bizarre-tasting chocolate. There's a cute pukeko at the end too!

-There are
six different Strawberry Shortcake-inspired covers for the new issue of Lula magazine.

British Vogue has some coverage of Alexander McQueen's funeral. So very sad.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Style Snaps

bordeauxbook297 mayu2

hbc02 Hayley-Hughes-041

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Obligatory Horrors shot:

Obligatory Alexa Chung (with Pixie Geldof) shot:
Photo Credit: Jak & Jil, Melbourne Street Fashion and various sources.

p.s. Alliteration is way cool. Being illiterate is not.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Do Not Wait.


Shortly before this presentation, filmmaker, writer and poet Gabrielle Bouliane was diagnosed with Stage Four cancer. This would be her last public performance. Her message is simple. Do not wait.

New Years 2010

Bonfires on the beach, Lunar Eclipse, midnight laughing fits, cocktails, "It makes me sick", Ghetto Gumby, "I'm just gon' go over here", O'Possum World, Bronski Beat, Party Scrabble, BEST NEW YEARS EVER.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Abbey Lee for Vogue Russia


abbeyleevogueru3 abbeyleevogueru4

abbeyleevogueru5 abbeyleevogueru1

Abbey Lee Kershaw in the March issue of Vogue Russia
Shot by Josh Olins
Photo Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Did I mention I love Abbey Lee? Because I totally do.

Thursday, February 18, 2010



One of the albums I have been really enjoying lately is Charlotte Gainsbourg's IRM. I've been listening to the album's title track the most and recently I learnt something that has completely changed the way I listen to it.

I'd always been intrigued by the mechanic whirring noises and the heavy percussion that dominate the song. As it turns out IRM is imagerie par resonance magnetique, French for MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and the whirring and drums in the song are an imitation of the noises inside an MRI machine. Spooky, no? Charlotte underwent several MRIs after suffering a brain hemorrhage a couple of years back.

The connection become a little more obvious when you actually start listening to the lyrics (which I didn't... ) where she sings of X-Ray eyes and scanning a pathogen.

She explains it better herself:

Hell's Angels Style

1044_thumb 1045_thumb


1576_thumb 1019_thumb

1063_thumb 1024_thumb




"Frank retired from the outlaw world after seven years as Frisco president and is now surfing the South Pacific. Frank is the George Washington of Angeldom; his name is mentioned with reverence, among other chapters as well as Frisco. 'He was the best president we ever had,' they say. 'He held us together and he was good for us.' Frank had class, and he set many styles - from the gold earring to the purple-dyed beard to the clip-on nose ring he wore whenever he had the right audience. All during his reign, form 1955 to 1962, he held a steady job as a respected cameraman, but he needed more action than any job could provide. For this he had the Angels, a vehicle for his humour and fantasies, a sop for any aggressions and an occasional chance to bust out of the workday murk like some kind of sabre-rattling golem and lay at least a small jolt on people he had no other way of reaching. Frank was so completely hip that he went down to Hollywood and bought the blue-and-yellow striped sweatshirt that Lee Marvin wore in The Wild One."

- Hunter S. Thompson: Hell's Angels