Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh My Blog: the LCD Soundsystem Version


So LCD Soundsystem have named their video diary "Oh My Blog", which they must have gotten from me, so I expect a royalty cheque in the mail soon please James... (For those who are wondering, this is the original Oh My Blog)

No but seriously... the guy who puts them together, Jay Green, has an amazing sarcastic wit.

Watch part one for a dancing James Murphy, part two for a blow job chocolate fountain (I still don't really know what he means) and part three for a mouth farting Nancy Whang.

You will download in your pants when you see it.

Also, this photo:


Love it. James Murphy gets as excited as I do about Arcade Fire. What a guy.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Style Snaps

citizen couture

streetstyle2781 streetstyle2784

dublin streets

tanja streetstyle2400

10 10 kate miss
Photo Credit: Hanneli, Vanessa Jackman and Various Sources

I am still very much in love with detailed collars.

Happy Long Weekend!





I'm staying with my family in Tutukaka (just north of Whangarei) for the long weekend and it feels like summer is finally here.

I suppose it helps that this is the view from the front yard and Best Coast is on the stereo.

I just need to stop being so darn pale so I can have bare legs as the weather gets warmer... I'm almost considering investing in the Jersey Shore 'GTL' lifestyle. Almost.