Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dark of the Matinee

These days it's rare to go to a gig or high-profile party without there being at least half a dozen photographers on hand to capture the night's revelry. Buzzing around like flies, the photographers bring light to the dark corners and seedy characters, take snapshots of beautiful girls on the dancefloor and help remind the drunk of the previous night's activities. Some of these photos end up in a blurry and overexposed facebook photo album, others surface on public 'party photography' sites for the whole world to see.

Since The Cobrasnake first became popular, there have been hundreds of imitators. Some point and shoot in a mechanical fashion, others have evolved past the Cobrasnake comparisons and are creating art with their night time photography. Australia's Hobo Gestapo would be of the latter. 

Created in late 2006, a group of photographers set about capturing the happenings at Sydney and Melbourne's best club nights and gigs. Now with 10 photographers contributing to the site with photos coming in from around Australia and also New York City, what sets Hobo Gestapo apart from the rest is that each photographer has their own signature style. Hobo, the site's founder and New York photographer told New York Magazine: "We want to steer clear of taking party pictures and being labeled like that because this is more about documentation. We don’t just toss anything up there; we have a real editing process to create a consistent narrative." This is evident in each night's album, where only a handful of photos are uploaded, thus eliminating the tedious task of scrolling through amateurish shots before finding that one good photograph (as is common with many party photography sites).  Hobo Gestapo is more like an art gallery than their contemporaries - I want prints of each photo. And as for their name, Hobo adds: "I know the name Hobo Gestapo seems like it could be offensive, but it’s not meant to be. It just sounded completely nonsensical, so I went with it." 

Here are some of my favourites that were uploaded on the Hobo Gestapo site over the summer:

Photo credit: The Kid

The Kid

The Kid

Photo credit: Carlito


Photo credit: Artemis






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