Tuesday, March 31, 2009

(repost) Light, Sound, Dance


The last time I saw the Bang Gang DJs play was August '07 in Sydney. There is only one word to describe that night: loose.
Question: can you say you saw a group of DJs "play"? It's not like they're playing any instruments. Or even their own songs. Can you call it a gig? I struggle to find words that suffice.
Despite only getting 2/5ths of the Bang Gang, last night at Good Luck was sufficiently awesome. More so, even. Since they're with Modular Records, they have the pick of the crop when it comes to great dance music. Hoodrat (or Angus as I learnt later) responded to my shouted requests for Cut Copy and/or the Presets with a grin. So you can imagine my euphoria when they put on Lights and Music and then My People within the space of 15 minutes.

Last night I christened my brand new camera, a Sony a350. I was taking photos for a secret squirrel mission that I may or may not tell you about later and I had great fun doing it. It was interesting observing the way people treated me because I had a camera in my hand. Everyone pouted and posed when I pointed the lens their way. I was treated as a friend rather than a stranger all because people wanted me to take their photo. Hardly anyone asked why I was doing it. I kinda felt like they each wanted their own 15 seconds of fame by being caught on camera at some cool bar where some cool DJs were playing. That's not to put down anyone that I took a photo of though, they were all really lovely and everyone was having a great time. Heck, I've posed for those kind of photos before. At fashion week there were numerous times when someone would come up to me and ask if they could take my picture. Before they could even begin to say "I'm from (insert publication here)" I was already smiling for the camera. I have no idea where most of those photos turned up.

I got asked last night if I was Neon Sleep. Haha! No, I'm not.

That weird situation was almost as perplexing as the time I went up onto the street to get some fresh air. I was by myself and sitting on the stone wall outside Good Luck, watching the interactions between drunk groups of people - always a fun way to pass the time. I had my camera in my hands and some guy came and sat next to me asking me questions about my camera. I was polite and answered all the questions he had but I would have preferred to be left alone. Out of the blue he said "So you like me and I like you, why don't you come back to my place?" I was all "Huh?!" It was sick, I think he was hoping that I was more drunk than I actually was and wouldn't be able to remember what I had been saying to him. So he said, "Yeah, you just said that you're interested in me, so how 'bout it?" I was completely dumbfounded. I didn't know what to say. Did he really think I was so stupid/drunk that I would fall for it and say "Well okay, if you say that's how I feel, then it must be true." Needless to say, I vacated that stone wall pretty quickly.

Good Luck often turns into a rather sweaty affair (Hawnay Troof anyone?) because of its low ceilings and restricted space and this time was no different. Fringes can be a bitch in those situations.

When the lights were turned on and we were all told to leave, I was still keen to party. Thank goodness for San Francisco Bathhouse!

Speaking to them afterwards, they said the Wellington show was better than the Auckland one. Haha. Hopefully I get to see them again soon, since they're always so much fun. Whether that's in NZ or Australia or somewhere else altogether, who knows?

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