Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Things I Love About Melbourne Part 2: Mag Nation

When I first stumbled across Mag Nation on Elizabeth st, I was so very excited. After a day of traipsing around Melbourne in the intense February heat, it was a welcome relief to find myself surrounded by magazines and air conditioning. I spend way too much money on magazines, it's true, but I just can't help it. I love taking a few hours to read a good magazine cover to cover, ripping out pictures to stick on my wall and being inspired by the words and images I find. My favourites are Lula, Russh, Vogue UK, iD and sometimes Dazed & Confused and frankie. 

What I love about the Elizabeth st Mag Nation is that it is spread over three floors of magazine-y goodness. Any magazine title you want, they'll probably have it. The first two floors are almost wall-to-wall with magazines and the third is a new addition, which has an awesome collection of t shirts and books. Apparently most people are too lazy to venture up to the third floor, but it's definitely worth the hike. They make coffee which I'm told is super good, but I wouldn't know, I don't touch the stuff. I particularly love the free wireless internet they have, here's a photo of my workspace after I took refuge in Mag Nation after the first Melbourne Fashion Festival show:


This photo was taken on the second floor, look at all those magazines! It's my kind of heaven. The stuff on the table next to my computer is from goody bags, and the new issue of Love, which I loved and will do a post on later.

Their website is lots of fun, have a go at the magdentifier to see what you should be reading. According to the website, "everything at mag nation can be touched, felt and browsed, except for our staff." 

Mag Nation has three stores in Auckland and two in Melbourne. I've been into most of them, and the Elizabeth st one is definitely the best.

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