Friday, March 20, 2009

Things I love about Melbourne Part I: Photobooths


I have been living in Victoria for four weeks now and I fall in love with Melbourne a little bit more each time I go into the city. On Sunday night Emily and I went to see Melanie Pain perform at The Toff. After stuffing ourselves full of food at a delicious restaurant in Chinatown (one I will definitely be featuring in another TILAM post), we were walking up Swanston st trying to find Curtin House when flashing lights and Japanese pop music caught my attention. I remember saying "Oh my gosh photo booths! We have to get one!" and being way too overexcited. We chose our booth for the bright pink exterior and its over the top cheesiness. The store had a selection of masks and hats to add that little something extra to the photos, but we opted to go without. 

The photo booth talked us through the process, helping us to get the best pictures possible. The voice told us to do things like "Stand behind your friend and make a cute face" and "Stand close to your friend and make a cute face". We giggled our way through it, disturbing the shop attendants and I forgot that earlier I had wanted to lie down after eating too much. A lot of the time we didn't understand what was being asked of us, so we just made it up. I think my favourite photo in the set is where I'm the ice cream that Emily is eating. I look kinda like the Moon from The Mighty Boosh.

After we had taken the photos we were asked to go into the black booth next door to edit the photos. Here we added all kinds of typical photo booth embellishments. There was a whole selection to choose from and as Emily said, it didn't matter how much we put on the photos because it would always look good no matter what. So we doodled all over our photos, we wanted that ultimate kitsch factor. Here's the result:


I can't remember the name of the photo booth store, but it was near Cutin House on Swanston, on the block between Lonsdale st and Little Bourke st. It's hard to miss.

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