Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nights Out

This Saturday I'll be going to see Metronomy and the Teenagers play at Bodega. I'm so super excited, I haven't been to a gig at Bodega in aaaaaaages. I think Ratatat back in May could have been the last one I went to there. Does anyone else remember back in 2006 when there seemed to be awesome gigs on at Bodega every weekend? What happened?

I only recently got into Metronomy, thanks to a friend who always puts on Nights Out before we head out into the night. Now Nights Out is easily one of my favourite releases of 2008. My favourite song changes every week, which to me is the sign of a good album. At the moment it's A Thing For Me. Metronomy's videos are always great too, in my mind they're on par with those by Hot Chip, Bjork and The Presets.

Fun with primary colours in Radio Ladio:

A new take on the Karaoke video in A Thing For Me:

Helping a friend get over her in Heartbreaker:

It's interesting that Metronomy are playing with the Teenagers, who in my mind released one of the worst albums of 2008 (though not quite as bad as the one by the Ting Tings), though it will be fun to sing along to Homecoming. And hey, they're French so they can pretty much get away with anything really.


His Whoreness said...

I saw them both last night here in Auckland - The Teenagers were good but not great (their DJ set at Sohomo Thursday night was much better), but Metronomy were just incredible - the songs! the outfits! the hand gestures! the delicious bass player!

The place was way over-capacity, with the crowd often randomly surging in unknowable directions and it was hot like a furnace, but fun because we were all screaming along with the band

I'm quite gutted I can't see them tonight back in Wellington but Boys Noize and Calvin Harris beckon tonight

My word capture is "collate" - I've never had a real word before

Ellen said...

Yay! I'm really looking forward to seeing Metronomy.

I have a few friends who are going to Summadayze too. Boys Noize should be you think they'll play their remix of My Moon My Man? That's such a great remix.

His Whoreness said...

So... did we enjoy Metronomy?

Boys Noize hada great set that opened with My Moon My Man but the crowd there was just awful - amyl sniffing jocks in fluro short shorts and sluts on the pull - I had to leave after his set so missed Utah Saints and Steve Aoki

So glad to be back in Wellington

Ellen said...

Metronomy were great! Amazing! Teenagers were probably the worst I have ever seen. If they were a local band people would be shitting all over them! But because they're french, it makes them cool or whatever. Vomit.

Haha, I'm not surprised about the crowd at Summadayze, and I hear Calvin Harris cancelled at the last minute. Do you know why?