Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It Seems Like I've Been Here Before tonight

The RnV update is coming, I promise! It's just that it appears my little Canon digi isn't compatible with Safari on my macbook so I am trying to figure out another way to upload my photos. Patience, grasshopper.

With all the excitement of Rhythm and Vines, I've completely forgotten about Big Day Out. It's only next week and I still haven't sorted out how I'm getting there or anything (anyone driving from Wellington to Auckland and could give me a lift?). Eeek! Better get onto it.

While this year's line up isn't as good as it has been in previous years, I know that seeing TV on the Radio will definitely be worth the $125 ticket. Everyone else will be the cherry on top, like seeing Lupe, Arctic Monkeys and Hot Chip for a second time and dancing to Simian Mobile Disco in the Boiler Room. But one act I'm really really looking forward to seeing is DFA's Holy Ghost!

I first came across them when Digitalism put Hold On on their Kitsune Tabloid mix and the song hasn't left my playlist since. I think Holy Ghost! will be to this year's Big Day Out as Justice were to BDO 2007. Confused? Let me elaborate..I have had many (too many to count) conversations about Justice that went a little something like this:

ELLEN: Justice were soooo good live.
OTHER PERSON: Wait, you've seen Justice?! Awesome!
E: Yeah, they played at Big Day Out 2007...
OP: (stunned disbelief).....What! Are you serious?
E: Yeah, they played in the Boiler Room just before Peaches
OP: How did I not know this?? (cries)
E: Well, to be fair they had only officially released We Are Your Friends then, but a lot of their music was already floating around on the net...Yeah. You missed out big time.
OP: (still crying)

So yeah, do you want that to happen to you? To be looking back in two years only to realise that you missed your chance to see this really awesome electro act? Don't miss Holy Ghost! Plus they're signed with DFA (also home of LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, Hercules and Love Affair and Hot Chip), so that's pretty much guaranteed good times right there.

They do lots of good remixes too, including this killer one of MGMT's Of Moons Birds and Monsters.


His Whoreness said...

2007 was arguably the best BDO line-up in NZ history, and I missed it - no Presets, no Peaches, no Justice, no Hot Chip, no Diplo, no Kasabian

Kudos on heading along this year - I only hope SMD do a live set rather than a DJ set, and you're right TVOTR would be worth the ticket price alone - I just don't know that i can handle the crowds - so many acen-ridden tweens in one place just makes my skin crawl

Oh and excellent call on Holy Ghost! - their remix of Cut Copy's "Hearts On Fire" is rather special - it's a shame Sohomo didn't manage to snag them for a side show

Ellen said...

I had no idea they did a Cut Copy remix! Where is it? I must have it!!

I'm very gutted that for the second time, Cut copy are playing all the Aus BDO shows and not the Auckland one. Boo.

His Whoreness said...

There should be a link in your inbox to the EP it's from - enjoy!