Saturday, January 10, 2009

Come on let's get high

Franz Ferdinand will always be one of my favourite bands. I've seen them play twice now and both performances were amazing. Their first two albums were so solid that I have no doubt about how good their third will be. Ulysses is the first single from Tonight: Franz Ferdinand and judging by this song the album will go in a different direction to what they've explored before, but will still be distinctly Franz-ish. I can't wait for January 26. 

Jay from Rebirth of the Cool already posted the official Ulysses video, but here is a great live version of the song:

Walking down Cuba st. today I came across the Teenagers. I had a bit of a weird reaction actually... I got quite angry. Not outwardly, but in my mind I was annoyed at the fact that their album is rubbish and yet they're able to travel the world whereas I know of plenty of other bands who deserve the success more than they do. At the same time I like that they're able to fool so many people into thinking that they're a credible band and that their album is good. With a bit of clever marketing they've found their niche and kudos to them for it. Are the Teenagers the Stolen Girlfriends Club of the music world? I think so.

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I agree collections are beautiful but prices can be a bit steep, unfortunately!