Monday, January 19, 2009

I Toss and Turn /// I Keep Stressing my Mind

Over the past few months I kept hearing a song in clubs that was driving me crazy. As in, I couldn't NOT dance to it even if I tried. The thing is, in my drunken oblivion I could never remember any lyrics or even a beat so I had no hope of finding it via google. When I would hear it again, I would get flashbacks of the last time I was dancing to it, and it was always good times. 

My frustration came to a head at Rhythm and Vines when both Busy P and P-Money (maybe it's a P thing?) played the elusive song during their DJ sets. What was most annoying is that it's unusual for me to not recognise a popular club song. This is because I spend far too much time finding new music and collecting b-sides, rarities and remixes or because my friends from high school (whom I love, despite our musical differences) listen to the chart hits and always seem to put on a tracklist that reeks of  The Big Kumara whenever we're hanging out. I expressed my frustration about this to friends when P-Money played it during his boiler room set at Big Day Out and thanks to them the mystery has been solved. I have now been listening to the song on repeat for the last few days. It's the Crookers remix of Day N Night by Kid Cudi, here's the video:

I know some of you will be shaking your head at me for not knowing this track earlier and I'm sorry. I know some of you will watch the video and shake your head at me for liking this song and for that, I'm not sorry. I'm not much a fan of this cliched hip-hop video either, but man, this song is such a guilty pleasure of mine and I can't deny it. I can't apologise for my opinion either. 

While I'm in the mood for confessing, I might as well tell you that I also like Let it Rock by Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne and also Everything by P-Money. Yeah, and what? They're both songs that I know I shouldn't like, but I just can't help it. And really, why would anyone deny the small pleasures in life?

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His Whoreness said...

I'm sorry Ellen, but if I hear that Crookers remix dropped in one more set, I swear I'm going to go postal, but with my bare hands - it is everywhere and I've heard it far too often in far too many sets

Something we don't hear enough of is the Midnight Juggernauts' remix of Cut Copy's "Hearts On Fire" - it was just magnificent and such a breath of fresh electro air