Friday, January 9, 2009

The French Open

It was a French invasion over New Years when Busy P, Fafi and DJ Medhi came to New Zealand for the Rhythm and Vines festival. Fafi posted some photos of their trip on her blog:

DJ Medhi

Fafi & Medhi

Busy P

Busy P, Ajax (an Australian DJ who also performed at RnV) and Fafi

You can read Fafi's blog over at Cool Cats le Blog
where Busy P, DJ Medhi, So Me and Michael from LA MJC also have their own blogs.


His Whoreness said...

Following on from your comment about how over-rated and undeserving The Teenagers are, I think we need to add Ajax to that list - for reasons that really escape me he gets the most attention of all the Bang Gang Deejays, something I find baffling given how much better Gus Da Hoodrat is and yet languishes in near-obscurity

That's my thought for the day

Ellen said...

Ha, Ajax did do some stuff for Ministry of Sound a while back didn't he? That's reason enough for me to be suspicious...
Doom and Hoodrat were great when at Good Luck last year, I can see why they sent those two over rather than any of the others.