Saturday, December 27, 2008

There's something in the air tonight /// A feeling that you have that could change your life

I'm enduring a 7 hour bus ride tomorrow to get to this year's best NYE's party at Rhythm and Vines. The music officially starts on Monday, but I'm (reluctantly) staying at BW Campgrounds so I'm gonna sign in and party with friends tomorrow night.

I went to Rhythm and Vines last year, it was my last year of high school and it was sort of a last goodbye for my year group before everyone moved away to different unis and while I had an absolutely amazing time (it was the best party I'd ever been to until I went to Camp A Low Hum) I wasn't going to go again. The whole binge drinking culture that is in abundance at BW Campgrounds just isn't my thing. While yes, I love to party and I do often drink more than I should (as embarrassing as it is to admit, but we're all guilty of that...aren't we?) it's just, uh, I don't fit in too well with the whole 'Jock' thing. Last year I went for the experience and I enjoyed it for it it was and I had a great time. I wouldn't change anything.

This year, I was adamant that nothing could make me go again unless either The Presets or Cut Copy were playing. I said it as a joke, I never thought the line up would get as good as it has. There used to be a time when I would be so excited about Big Day Out that I couldn't sleep the night before. That hasn't happened for a couple of years now.

I've already lost sleep in my excitement over Rhythm and Vines.

Looking at the daily schedule, here's where I'll be the next few days:
1530 - Liam Finn
1810 - Santogold
1930 - The Kooks
2100 - Franz Ferdinand

1615 - The Secret Knives
1735 - Connan Mockasin / 1740 - The Phoenix Foundation
1905 - Cut Copy
2100 - Ladyhawke
2230 - Late of the Pier
2300 - Die!Die!Die!

1850 - Over the Atlantic
1955 - Bang Bang Eche
2135 - The Datsuns
2315 - So So Modern
0030 - Disasteradio
0100 - Digitalism

As well as checking out some of the local acts I've never heard of in between those times...

What I want to know, is how this year's RnV line up turned out to be better than BDO? And why RnV have chosen a better range of local musicians, rather than just sticking to the same shitty ones BDO does every year? Surely Big Day Out would know better by now. But then again, apparently the RnV organisers don't really know who Jamie Liddell is, even though he's on the line up. That's worrying...perhaps they're being sucked in by hype rather than what they actually believe to be good? As opposed to Big Day Out who seems to choose bands on the basis of how much money they'll bring in. I love how a lot of the bands playing on the Futureshock stage have been associated with A Low Hum in one way or another.

I've also heard reports that Rhythm and Vines hasn't been very well orgainised financially: first DJ Lotion was on the bill and then he was told they couldn't afford to pay him, some members of the press were given full passes with accommodation and everything and now they only get one night's free pass with no acommodation. I hope it's just teething problems, since this year is the first year they've had the festival on over three nights and that everything gets sorted out for next year. If the line up next year is as good as this year, I'll most likely be going again.

I hope your New Years is as eventful as mine no doubt will be, I will see you in the new year.

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His Whoreness said...

I can't comment on the BDO as there has only ever been one line-up that made me wish I was there (BDO '07 with Justice, Presets et al)

I can't comment on how Rhythm & Vines managed to get all the amazing acts they did, as I really don't know how

What I can comment on is how a number of music festivals this end of the globe have suffered under generally poor ticket sales - this could be everything from poor timing (being held too close to other similar events), the recession ($150+ is a lot of money these days for a decent night out), and the larger crowds generally comprising the jock element you rightly don't enjoy too much (me neither)

Despite the much better line-up than previous years (perhaps the best line-up in NZ ever), it does seem odd that R&V went from selling out almost instantly to still having plenty of tickets on sale for this year's event

There are three things I wanted to say:

1. Have a blast at R&V - really
2. Enjoy the best line-up since last year's Nevereverland
3. It's a shame we don't know each other better or I'd ask you to call me when Digitalism perform "Idealistic"