Friday, December 26, 2008

Little Victories

Merry Holidays!
I'm in Hamilton at the moment (exotic, I know), spending some quality time with the family - getting thoroughly spoilt with love and presents on one of my favourite days of the year. After Christmas lunch yesterday the first thing I did when I got home was lie on the floor curled up in a ball...turns out that second helping of pudding wasn't such a good idea. But hey, over eat is what you're supposed to do on Christmas day, right? It was worth it - that blueberry pie was delicious. Today has been wonderful, it's good to experience a humid summer that just doesn't reach Wellington so I've spend a good amount of time lounging by the pool catching up on some reading. (Twilight is far far worse than I expected. I'm not tweleve as most of the fans of the book are, but I doubt the series would have been able to hold my attention even if I was. It's written in the most basic, unimaginative way that I'm a little offended that Stephanie Meyer thinks I would be entertained by that.)
Posting has been sporadic this past week and probably will continue to be until I get back home on the 2nd of January. I'm leaving for Gisborne on Sunday and as soon as I get back, expect a full-length Rhythm and Vines post, with photos and all. I'm taking four different types of cameras, so no doubt I'll have a few photos I can show you.
Just a couple of things of note:

-The Alexandra Owen store is due to open either the 30th of January or the 1st of February, I'm not sure which yet. The store will be in the ground floor of the Museum Hotel, just opposite Te Papa. While the location seems like an odd one (who knew the hotel had retail spaces?), Alexandra Owen designed the uniform for the hotel, so a partnership between Owen and the Museum Hotel has been around for a while. I'm looking forward to it, it'll be good to see the full range in her own space, but that means Artikel won't be stocking Alexandra Owen anymore.
-As I hinted at in the earlier incarnation of In Ghost Colours, Little Brother as we know it has closed down. After a few weeks of super awesome closing down sale (I got a t shirt for $10. Sweet deals.) a new sign has appeared on the window, letting us know that a Crane Brothers store will be opening in February. It will stock Crane Brothers and well as Gubb and Mackie, but Little Brother will be distributed exclusively through Barkers, according to Isaac Likes.
-Mala Brajkovic has long been my favourite NZ designer and I'm very sad (okay, I'm devastated) to say that she won't be coming back to fashion design after all. Though it was originally promised that she would be back in time for SS 09, I've heard whispers that she's moving into costume design for theatre, starting off with a ballet production. I'm yet to find some cold hard facts on this, but as soon as I do I'll let you know!
-I've seen some pictures of Lela Jacobs' Winter 09 collection, and boy, it's looking soooo good! The collection is titled Small Victories and I'll do a full post on it when I get back to my computer so you can see all the beautiful pictures. Though if you searched a little bit they won't be too hard to find. On Christmas Eve I was given an early present in the form of a pair of Lela's poo pants (they're basically harem/hammer pants). They're a sample from her winter collection though she's been making them for a couple of seasons now. My favourite part is that they're red and oh so deliciously comfy. Yes!
-As I found out Straight from the Whore's Mouth, Modular is set to have their first New Zealand-based parties at the end of February. Bag Raiders are playing! The night looks set to be epic, though I most likely won't be here at the end of February. That's just my luck isn't it?
"Opening in New Zealand 27th of February (Good Luck - WGTN) and 28th of February (Cassette Number Nine – AKL)THE END is a brand new series of two monthly nights in conjunction with Modular. Sohomo and its parent Epaulette have exclusive license to host six events throughout 2009. These nights are world famous with parties set up in New York, London, France, and extensively in Australia."
I have a few little projects up my sleeve that I'm dying to share with you, but it must all be kept under wraps, at least for now. I will let you know in due course...
Right, I'm off to have a play around with my Holga camera in the evening sun.


His Whoreness said...

You'd better be up to better mischief the end of Feb if you're going to pike on The End

*shakes fist like an infuriated old fart*

Oh and while I'm here, uber-jealous you're off to Rhythm & Vines - give the hot one that isn't Cut Copy Dan a hug for me, and I'd be especially proud if you do cop a feel

Ellen said...

Well, does moving to Melbourne count as better mischief?

Ha! I'm working on it!

His Whoreness said...

Well... maybe it does - can't say I blame you for leaving San Fran and Bodega behind for the likes of Rooftop, Madame Brussels, St Jerome's, Wow, C Grade, Third Class and so on and so forth