Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brand New Start

So. A do over. I almost stopped doing this blog - the amount of people reading started to freak me out. As I've mentioned previously, I'm quite a shy and modest person so having a blog sort of goes against my nature. I promised a change, and change is here. It'll be a subtle change, but one that will suit all of us I'm sure. In Ghost Colours will still focus heavily on music and fashion (my two passions), only this time with a different angle. Be sure to check out the updated links list to the left too.

I had some people asking me where the titles of the blog posts come from and I can tell you that they're all from song titles and lyrics. Today's is the title of a song by Little Joy, Fabrizio Moretti's new band. It's one I wouldn't normally listen to (a tad too acoustic-y for my tastes) but it's summer time and this song perfectly complements a gin and tonic in the sunshine.

Fab performing in Little Joy

On Friday night I went to the opening of a new bar on Auckland's Vulcan lane called Cassette #9. It was also a night celebrating Cheese on Toast's 5th birthday, a local music website I have major issues with (let's not get into it), but one I reluctantly check regularly for music news. The gig was free, so I shouldn't be too ungrateful. I managed to catch the sets of Los Hories, Prince Diana and Surf City. It was great to see Surf City again, I hadn't seen them since Interpol back in February and as usual their set was heaps fun. The new material is sounding good too. One thing that I really hate about Auckland crowds is that they don't know how to dance. Or rather it's not that they don't want to, it's more that they won't. I love the craziness of gigs in Wellington, no one is too shy to step away from the wall or too worried about messing up their hair. I always say that it's a sign of a good gig when you come out of it with your hair in a sweaty mess, make up running down your face and missing at least one shoe. 

This weekend looks set to be as big as the previous one: there are christmas parties and gigs to attend galore!
Thursday: Over the Atlantic, one of my favourite Wellington bands are playing a gig for free (oh boy, FREE!) at Good Luck tomorrow night. 
Friday: Over the Atlantic and So So Modern are playing on the Tug Boat (oh boy, The Tug Boat!) and it's BYO, so expect a messy affair. The Tug Boat is that tacky tourist-y restaurant in Oriental Bay, but just picture the setting: beers in the evening sun on the beach before partying with two of the best bands in NZ over-looking the beautiful harbour lights. Romantic? Just a little.
Saturday: Vice's newest signing Japanese Motors are playing for free at Good as Gold (oh boy, in a clothing store!) at midday as a warm-up to the gig they're playing that night at Mighty Mighty. 

Expect photos after the weekend.

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