Saturday, December 13, 2008

Single Fins and Safety Pins

Earlier today Californian band Japanese Motors played a free gig at Good as Gold. I hadn't heard much of them before I saw the posters advertising their gigs (they're playing at Mighty Mighty tonight too). I decided to head along to the gig at G.A.G. to determine whether I want to spend the $10 and go see them play at Mighty later. I'm not a scrooge, I've just got lots of things to go to tonight!

I arrived at midday on the dot, people were already milling around and I got a little side tracked by the clothes on the racks. Beers were opened and the band started setting up as more people were arriving. When Japanese Motors started playing, I was pleasantly surprised. Today has been a beautifully sunny day and their music is the perfect soundtrack to the summery weather. While their music isn't entirely original, their live set is very tight and totally danceable. It's rock n roll by way of more recent bands like The Strokes and The White Stripes but Japanese Motors have a likeness to The Beach Boys too. There's no doubt they're from California. 

Those who were there bobbed their heads as they took a sip of their Steinlager and maybe swayed a little. So much for what I said earlier about Wellingtonians not being too shy to step away from the wall. I was itching to dance but the void (as a friend called it) of floor space directly in front of the band remained empty and intimidating. I didn't want to be the one to fill it.

They played a full set of eleven songs (I stole the set list, that's how I know) and by the end I was grinning and clapping madly along with everyone else. Screw being pretentious, go along to Mighty Mighty tonight and I guarantee you will have a great time dancing to Japanese Motors. With the added element of booze and darkness, tonight's gig will be less awkward than the Good As Gold set, I'm sure.

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