Monday, December 15, 2008

Cut in Colour

So, bad news. Jaeha won't be stocking at Artikel this season. In fact, Jaeha won't be stocking anywhere in store this summer. Turns out the only place that will have Jaeha's Colouring in Calms me Down collection will be General Cucumber. Which is odd, since I've always thought that with Jaeha's clothing especially, there are so many different ways to wear it that you need to try it on to get the full effect. I guess he just got too busy to sort out wholesaling.

 General Cucumber is a great site for buying New Zealand designers and they often have pieces from past seasons on sale, which is really good but online shopping just isn't my thing. Maybe it will be when I move overseas and I get a bit nostalgic for a bit of NZ creativity.

So we may not be getting Jaeha, but it's looking like we will be getting in Miss Crabb again, which will be so great. The current collection makes me purr. 

Tonight I'm off to Holy Fuck. Fingers crossed they play Tone bank Jungle.

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