Friday, November 13, 2009




Photos by Nick Zinner.
Photo Credit: Modular Facebook

Yeah Yeahs Yeahs are heading back to Australian shores this summer, but so far no New Zealand shows have been announced. I'm holding my breath, but we're kinda running out of time here. And looking at their touring dates on myspace, they don't have much time to pop across for a gig or two. Not good, not good.

I would love to see my favourite band again. Back in 2006 I entered a competition to win a ticket to their Auckland show. I wrote a detailed essay which linked Gold Lion (in very, very loose ways and completely tongue-in-cheek) with some kind of treasure hunt to find the meaning of life. Or something. It's hard to explain. Anyway, I was told they read it and loved it. I'd love to actually sit down and talk to them about it.... well, a girl can dream.

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