Monday, November 9, 2009

Bicycle, Bicycle, you are my Bicycle.


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Now that I'm back in Wellington for the summer, I'm so keen for a bike. On Saturday morning I walked along the waterfront while a friend cycled beside me. It was pleasant, the sunshine and the wind assuaged our hangovers. I was jealous, it's true. He got to have fun while I was stuck on land in my restrictive skirt.

Admittedly, Wellington is not the ideal biking city, it's all hills and winds that threaten to push you off. If I lived in the central city where it is flat it wouldn't be so bad, I could use it to bike to friend's places, the Sunday morning farmer's market and the waterfront. But alas, I live in the hills and far away (sort of) where there aren't really any good flat places to bike. I am willing to look past all of that in the name of a cute bike.

Does anyone have a bike they could lend me for the summer? Yes?

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Style On Track said...

Now I have the song 'Bicycle' by queen in my head ;)