Friday, July 3, 2009

The Blues are Still Blue

I'm not usually one to follow a trend (personal style is much more important to me than what the Sunday Age says we should be wearing), but I am loving denim shirts at the moment. After a couple of months of fruitless searching, I have found two denim shirts in an op shop. Geelong never lets me down. 

They're not in stores yet, so get as much wear out of it now before the chain stores find out about them and all of the blind fashion victims (you know, the ones who look like they've just come from a Sportsgirl photoshoot) thrash it to death. In which case I will put mine in the back of my closet letting it ripen for a few years before bringing it out again and BAM! it's better than ever. There's one exception to that rule however, and that is leggings. Leggings as pants and denim leggings are never okay.

victor10 Outfit57b
juliab3 James1_3

paris-fwaw2009-clemencie2 bridal-week-09-maike


Photos from various sources including: Jak&Jil, Zanita, Garbage Dress, and Backyard Bill 

Heck, even the always-stylish Paul from Franz Ferdinand is wearing a denim shirt in their new video, which is probably the most clever music video I've seen since Metronomy.


Sheena said...

Those are some beautiful finds Ellen. Garance Dore's image of that lovely lady in all denim had me searching like a loon too. Never made it as far as Geelong though! Le sigh.

A. said...

such a lovely load of photos. thanks so much for these. i'm still trying to find the perfect denim shirt although i have found a pretty acceptable chambray shirt that will have to hold me over until then...

i like the 2nd, 5th & 8th best!


Ellen said...

Ah yes, the picture on Garance Dore was definitely an inspiration for this post! I don't know how anyone can pull off the denim on denim look, but she did it beautifully.

I chose these photos in particular because it highlights the versatility of the denim shirt, both male and female.