Sunday, February 28, 2010

News from Cut Copy HQ


Guten Tag,

We hope this message finds you all well.

Dan spent the majority of 2009 re-creating the Blade Runner soundtrack on his recently acquired CS-80 synthesizer. Note for note, arpeggio for arpeggio. Hopefully his interpretation of Vangelis's masterpiece will eventually see the light of day. He has also been busy re-establishing the Cutters Records empire by releasing records and hosting parties, and occasionally rocking a fine Grizzly Adams beard.

Tim is still firmly stuck in the 90's. He interviewed seminal guitar band Pavement for Russh magazine and he recently procured an original piece of Daniel Johnston artwork. It now hangs above his bed.

Mitchell has been spending his days establishing a tennis league for the indie rock community of Melbourne. They even have special t-shirts with their name embroidered on them. He tells me his serve is his biggest asset. Feel free to contact him directly for membership.

Collectively however we have been camped out in a warehouse on the outskirts of Melbourne, finishing writing and recording for album number 3. More on that very soon.


We'll also be leaving Australia to join you for your respective summers playing a handful of festival and club dates, previewing material from the forthcoming record, as well as rocking some old favorites (btw - "veteran act????!! - wtf).

Still chasing that perfect wave,