Thursday, December 24, 2009

Northbound Journey

Mum and I drove north this week for Christmas, stopping in a couple of places for some tourist-y shots.

Mt. Ruapehu, hiding behind the clouds.

Our first stop was the Desert rd. We took a couple of photos before the honking from passing cars got to be too embarrassing and we scurried back to the car - away from cheeky motorists and the chilly wind.

Mt. Ngaruhoe behind me to the right, between the electricity pillars.
This is probably the closest I will ever get to doing an 'outfit post' (Oh the vanity!). I will tell you that I am wearing a TV x Sportsgirl crop top and a twenty-sevennames skirt. (OK. Vom. That felt weird doing that. I'm such a dick. Sorry. It probably won't happen again.)

I thought I was pretty good at keeping relatively anonymous with this here blog, but @StarlaJo still managed to recognise me at Mighty Mighty on Saturday night! Good Nancy Drew work, there.

I love driving through the Desert Road, there's something beautiful about it, in its own barren way. I just find it amazing how one minute you're driving past this desert and then just 10 minutes later you're passing through a forest. Even though I've done many trips up and down the country, I still find driving along the Desert Road a thrill (don't mock me, I'm not big on geology, so I am fascinated by things that may seem minor to other, more sciencey-minded, people).

Our next stop was the Huka Falls, just out of Taupo. It was so lovely and warm, as you can see from these photos. Ice-creams were essential. Magnums are my favourite.


It's part of the Waikato River, where the river is squeezed through this tiny channel and the water goes all fast and rapid-y (sorry, I'm not good with the technical science words either... ). The volume of water passing over the falls is approximately 220,000 litres per second (Don't get too excited, I copied and pasted that bit from the Huka Falls website). That's a lot, right?

Well at least I can comment on the gorgeous turquoise colour of the water without sounding ignorant.



susie said...

oh ellen what a beautiful country you do live in!! gosh that last picture is amazing, such blue water.. and I love that you included Chelsea in the girls in white post. I do adore her!! ANND phwoar, Lily Allen is quite a sexy lady these days isn't she!!! I can't believe there's a Harper's Bazaar in Russia though.. for some reason that amuses me!!

Ellen said...

Ah yes, I like to think so too, though I think Australia is quite beautiful too, just in a different way.
Hehe, I love Chelsea's blog, and her music!
Lily Allen = heaps babesy.