Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm makin' a mix - Help!


In a couple of days I will be leaving the internet behind to spend a week with some of my favourite people, celebrating the new year / "fuck you 2009" (as my friend Sophia put it. Soph, start your blog now please.) near Napier, and driving back to Wellington via Taupo. I can't wait!

Thing is, I've offered to make a mix CD / playlist for the road trip... but I'm a little stuck. Any recommendations as to what I should put on it? What songs have featured on the soundtrack to your summer road trip?


Anonymous said...

that song we raced to the dance floor at mighty the other week...with the video of the guys running along at night

His Whoreness said...

On the roadtrip to Hanmer we listened to: HEALTH's Get Color album, Ted & Francis' self-titled EP, Aeroplane's magnificent Mixmag mix, Fever Ray / The Knife medley, The xx's self-titled album, Teenager's album Thirteen, Spank Rock's Fabriclive mix, Familjen's album Det Snurrar I Min Skalle, Sally Shapiro's album My Guilty Pleasure, and Junior Boys' two albums

Aeroplane's Mixmag mix was thrashed again and again and still we went back for more - just excellent roadtrip music

Here's a link to it if you don't already have it (I'm sure I sent it out in one of my earlier music emails to you guys)


STEFANIE said...

Oh His Whoreness made a pretty good selection already, but here are some of my other favourites: anything Aeroplane, not just the mixmag mix // Washed Out // Miami Horror // Villa // the Cosmic Balearic Beats vol.1 & 2 CD (they're mixed by Villa)// Matt Van Schie // Mayer Hawthorne // Air France // Mighty Mouse // Bibio // Sebastien Tellier // Air // Classixx (listen to their Mayer Hawthorne remix - green eyed love, it's genius. // Breakbot // Friendly Fires // Passion Pit // Metronomy

Also, my sister's blog has some compilations called SSSSOUNDTRACK pt. 1-4, find them here:

And I could go on forever! Hope this helps, they all have that summer vibe you're looking for :)

His Whoreness said...

Sofie does amazing work on SSSSOUND

Olivia. said...

New blog by Olivia.A one of the two creator of the famous ; I hope you enjoyed yout holidays ;)


Ellen said...

Haha, Anon, don't worry I've already got that one on there. It's 'Let's go Surfing' by The Drums. A summery pop song if I ever heard one. Who are you? I'm trying to remember who I dragged onto the dancefloor when that song came on... SUPER fun times.

Jake, I forgot about HEALTH! Of course that has to go on there. Thank you for the aeroplane mix, I have already included some of his remixes on there, he's always a winner.

Stefanie, thank you for your suggestions, I will check them out. I only have one of Matt Van Schie's songs, do you know where I could get more? Your sisters blog is very cool.