Sunday, April 26, 2009

Things I Love About Melbourne Part 3: Little Cupcakes


Oooh boy, I have been into Little Cupcakes a few too many times since I have been here. Their cupcakes are just too good to resist! I had heard of Little Cupcakes even before I came to Melbourne and I was pleased to find that they live up to their reputation. Each time I have been into Little Cupcakes the shop has been full.

The cupcakes are so fluffy and light they almost melt in your mouth and the icing is not too sickly sweet, which has been the downfall of other cupcake shops/cafes. They have a range of flavours including the standard chocolate, strawberry, lemon and vanilla ones, but also get others in seasonally, like passionfruit which sounds really delicious. In that photo above, I'm eating a Cookies & Cream flavoured one. Red Velvet is my favourite, though I'm yet to decipher what flavour it is exactly. 

Their tea is served in a beautiful tea set, which is perfect since I'm a sucker for pretty china. I know that their cupcakes and tea will be the best combo for those chilly winter days.

Am I swooning? Yeah, just another thing I love about Melbourne.

Little Cupcakes is on Degraves st


susie said...

oooh man I love cupcakes. Sometimes when I finish uni there's a magical mystical cupcake lady at Melbourne Central and I once bought a caramel cupcake from her that was 4.50 but absolutely awesome!!!
Where is Little Cupcakes? I wonder if it's the same magical vendor from central...

Ellen said...

Oops, I didn't put that on the post! It's on Degraves st.
Oh yum, I will have to try and track her down... that's if I can tear myself away from Little Cupcakes.