Monday, April 6, 2009

I Put a Spell on You

As soon as I heard the first dial tones of U.R.A. Fever and the Kills walked on stage, I knew that the gig was going to be amazing. Stalking and circling each other like feral cats, VV and Hotel put on a performance that was one of the best I have seen in a looong time. The crowd was electric, everyone was dancing and having a good time. It had been four long years since the Kills last visited our antipodean shores and Melbourne was definitely glad to have them back, even if it was just for a night. The drought was over! Let's celebrate. I would say that the show was phenomenal, but I could tell that it was nothing out of the ordinary for the Kills who put on an extraordinary show every night. 

Their rise in popularity has been gradual (and perhaps even further boosted by Jamie's relationship with Kate Moss) but all their successes are well deserved. Before Cut Copy's In Ghost Colours came out, Midnight Boom was my favourite album of 2008 and I still listen to it regularly. I might even go as far to say it's my favourite of their albums. Key word being might. Their live performance is renowned for being rock n roll at its best: it's all about the intensity, the grit, the drugs and the sex. You really don't know it until you see it. 

Alison whips her hair around, clearly still enjoying the songs they must have played hundreds of times by now. She lit up a cigarette numerous times throughout the night, sometimes only having the chance to take two puffs between songs before she had to stub it out. What is it about beautiful girls and cigarettes that makes smoking look so darn (dare I say it?) ... cool?
Jamie was standing closest to me and I really enjoyed watching him distort the sounds coming out of his guitar. Sometimes he rapped on the guitar with his knuckles so hard that the strap fell off. 

No doubt the highlight of the night was in the middle of the set when they put their mic stands in the centre of the stage so they were facing each other as they sang. It was clear that this was a regular part of their show, to play up their reputation and to stir rumours, but the crowd loved it none the less. The best part came at the end of Last Day of Magic when Alison leaned over and kissed Jamie on the lips. I nearly died.

It was interesting seeing a band play without a drum kit, but the drum machine thingy worked well and I was so focused on watching Jamie and Alison that I never really noticed its absence anyway. There's no room and they don't need it. All of that sexual tension takes up the whole stage and a drummer would only feel left out as the two front people teased and flirted with each other. 

Now that I have seen them live, I know that next time they are in the same city as me I will do anything to see them perform again. I really wish I hadn't let a small thing like being underage stop me from seeing them last time.

Because I was on the far left of the stage, the side lighting often thwarted my attempts to take a photo. But sometimes they made a cool effect, like this one.





Moments before the kiss...


I love this moment. Jamie played the wrong part, again.


When I saw Alison come back onstage wearing this floral blazer, I knew I had to find one for myself.

I seem to have developed quite the gift for getting set lists. I thought I saw the girl next to me brace herself to jump on stage and as the Kills were walking off stage so I told her if she wanted it, I would give her a lift up. She looked at me, horrified by the idea and said I could have it. I didn't hesitate, and crawled across the stage to get it, pissing off the roadies on the way. I probably should be embarrassed by my actions but hey, I really wanted it and I wasn't going to let anything stop me.

From where I was standing, I could see straight into the backstage area. Louis XIV (who were not noteworthy) stuck around after their set, a couple of beautiful girls were making them laugh. I recognised the bassist from the Killers amongst the people backstage and I told a girl next to me, "The Killers are backstage!" She looked at me as if I was the stupidest person ever and said, her words dripping with animosity, "... The Kills." Before rolling her eyes. "Uuum, no I just saw the bassist from the Killers... "

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