Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Red Falcon at Big Day Out


So that blurb we had to write the other day for Red Falcon? We have been asked to DJ at Big Day Out! Crazers.

Photographic proof:


There we are, right down the end (the most important people are at the end, obvs.) of Big Day Out's second line-up announcement just before Andrew Tidball.

Does this mean we are legit DJs now? Is it time to make a Facebook fan page? Should we start thinking about crazy costumes or headgear (a la Daft Punk and DeadMau5)?

Synchronised dance moves? We've already got those down... there's the fist pump move and the finger point move.

We're playing a set in the Silent Disco for an hour, which is great because we have never wanted to take this whole DJing thing seriously, so that suits our sense of humour perfectly.

There are two sets of DJs playing at a time, so if no one is dancing to our music, hopefully we will never notice. We'll be dancing anyway.

Most importantly though: will we get catering? Access All Areas passes?


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