Monday, May 24, 2010

Maximum Leader


Sonny Barger, the Godfather of the Hell's Angels, shares his life philosophies:

1. Customise Yourself. Originals don't come off the assembly line.
2. How strong you look is as important as how strong you are.
3. Leaders exhibit strength, while bullies prey on weakness.
4. Find your speed, maintain velocity and keep on doin' it.
5. Learn from the past, don't live there.
6. You win a war by kicking the enemy's ass not by negotiating with them.
7. Joining a group doesn't make you any less of an individual.
8. Take a pit stop, overhaul your psyche.
9. If you want to travel fast, travel light.
10. Sitting on the fence is for birds.

Credit: AnOther Man Magazine

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