Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shelter from the Shit


The reason why I moved to Auckland was to pursue at job at bFM, only my most favourite radio station ever.

I'm a little (by which I mean a lot) smug.

Also, every Wednesday at about 11.20 I do a feature called Oh My Blog where I review a blog each week, which I will start linking to here on In Ghost Colours from this week. So basically I get to read blogs for work. Life's tough, huh? Do you have any blog suggestions for me?


susie said...

Ellen, that's too coool. Seriously, what amazing experience. Though I love Melbourne, it's so hard just finding work. I have to do 80 hours of work placement this year and I am STRUGGLING. I had wondered why you hadn't returned to Australia. Was your time at Deakin just an exchange or something?

As for blogs.. maybe try lifeatthebottom.com, it's like a design/advertising/media/awesome blog for "young creatives". I interviewed a guy from there the other week, you could totes give them a call or email and set up a phone interview, I think they'd really like that. Um other blogs.. there's always meet me at mike's, which is a "popular" craft blog (mostly because Pip also writes for Frankie). Sarah Mcneil has a cute blog for all her artwork (she's based in Wellington at the moment actually).. there's a great blog called 3000 books about a girl trying to read 3000 books in her lifetime. Essentially she just reviews them, but I think the concept behind it is a bit unusual.. a nice grab.
you could review my blog!! haha. not really. there's always that Tavi girl's blog. sigh @ precocious children.

hope that helps. let me know if you decide to use any of them =p

susie said...

oh also, are they paying you? is bfm community radio or commercial?