Monday, March 22, 2010

The Service Depot


A new store called The Service Depot has opened in Wellington at No. 2 Lombard st, just behind the Manners Mall post office. Considering that I was notified of this by Ange at Artikel (my favourite Wellington shop and my former employer) and by looking at the list of labels the store is stocking, I know the Service Depot will be amazing. It will be a welcome addition to Wellington's fashion family. I am very much looking forward to going back to Wellington soon and checking out the store.


His Whoreness said...

The store looks great. Went along to the opening party on Friday night. Felt like everyone was there. Had a great time. Shame you couldn't have been there for it.

A Z U R E said...

there was heaps of peeps there on friday. the store is massive, i suggested skates as a footwear option. Its so great to see some Miss Crabb down here and also abit more D.P .The store will just keep getting better i.e they will be getting in shoes!!!!