Tuesday, October 6, 2009



My friend Emily and I are doing the graveyard shift on Melbourne's SYN radio station tomorrow night, you should tune in! We're on from 2-6am so you can listen in (if you're in the Melbourne region) on 90.7 fm or you can stream it online on SYN's website.

We'll be playing a bunch of our favourite tunes; some new ones, some old ones and generally just having a really good time and hopefully you'll like the music we play too, or maybe discover some new music to fall in love with? I must warn you though, this is our first time doing it so we may be a bit rubbish, but hey, who's really going to be listening other than insomniacs? If you're listening while we're on air, give us a call.

P.S. How fantastic is The Boat that Rocked? It's one of my favourite films to be released this year.

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susie said...

I watched that movie on the plane when I went to NZ in June. SO SO SO SO SO GOOD. Mega all star cast + awesome music + cute boys + funnies = best