Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just a minute... May

29-365 by katherine
(Florals, red hair and cupcakes. These are a few of my favourite things)

Watching... Family Guy. It will never get old.
Reading... Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll and Stasiland by Anna Funder.
Listening...The new Ouch My Face EP, my favourite discovery from Camp A Low Hum. While it would be impossible to beat their fuckin' ace live show (where their singer Celeste almost vomited three times!!), their EP is great for turning up loud and falling in love with Celeste 'cause she's so darn cool. Ouch My Face are having their EP release party this Saturday at the Tote.
Making... Friends and journalism contacts and lots of secret projects, which you will find out about later!
Wanting... Someone to offer me a job where I can write all day, go to gigs at night and get sent free clothes. Anyone?
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Jenaveve said...

...from August Street actually :)

Hullo, just found your blog. Lots of lovely stuff to look at here.